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I am Bálint Mórocz

I believe changing your life is neither a privilege of a select few nor an uncontrollable event.  Depending on how you look at it, it could become a journey with all its beauty.

I have been living my life with the intention of becoming the best version of myself, never forgetting why I keep going. Seeing those around me growing and learning brings a genuine smile to my face. 

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How did I get here?

I could start by listing the schools I have attended and the projects I have worked on, but you can check all that on LinkedIn after just 2 seconds of searching, and it wouldn't tell you who I am anyway. Just like everyone else, I am a strange combination of how I was brought up, what I've experienced, and even the people I've gotten along with over the years.

I'll spare you the details for now, but I am grateful for all the opportunities that have allowed me to try different things along the way. Years ago, I left my home and moved to the capital of Hungary. My family trusted that I would be able to learn everything needed to make life happen. At some points, I doubted it, but guess what? It really happened. I've had the chance to teach at a university, worked on bigger projects than I ever imagined, and even gained the trust of many colleagues who turned to me for support and leadership.

I've dedicated lots of hours to my career, sacrificing a lot of time and social connections in doing so. While that brought many positive achievements, in the end lead up to a burn-out. Looking back, it was silly. I was fighting monsters that I believed were there. As it turned out the only enemy I had all along was me. So, I accepted the fact that I need to understand more about myself and accept that I need to change to truly be 'myself'.

My journey took me to a place where I can now confidently say:

I am walking my own path.

"Sometimes a bit of trust in someone's ability is the only thing they need to succeed"

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