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Coaching is all about you. Gives you the opportunity to grow in your own pace, while taking control of your decisions. You will be able to look at your situation from a bird's eye view, and pinpoint the important details that need work. You will see a clearer picture of yourself and will be able to take action. 

Coaching is for...

those who are seeking ways to change their approach to everyday life, whether facing significant decisions at work or commitments at home, coaching could be helpful. It is for individuals or teams facing challenges who needing professional help to make their next step.

At times, you may experience a slower pace and discomfort, but that's okay. Even if initially a topic seems challenging , with the coach's presence, you can find your courage and explore ways to maximize learning.

Focused on unlocking new potiential and promotes action taking

5-7 sessions on average based on topic

Individual, group and team coaching

Available in English and Hungarian languages,

(Budapest, Online)

How does it work

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Are you ready to make the first step? 

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