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Mentoring is about getting you ready for future challenges  It is a very intimate professional relationship centered around your goals and how you want to reach them. You will also get to know your strengths and how to use them.

Mentoring is for...

those eager to broaden their perspectives, refine their skills, and gain from the wisdom and experiences of a trusted mentor. Whether you're a student exploring career paths, a professional aiming for advancement, or an entrepreneur charting uncharted territories, mentoring offers an opportunity to learn, receive feedback, and foster meaningful connections.

Focused on guiding you through the process of reaching your goal in a very personalized partnership.

3 - 12 months

(varying number of sessions)

Improving skills, guidance, advice, knowledge sharing

Available in English and Hungarian languages,


*Mentoring is only available for a small number of clients at any given time period. Ask for availability!

How does it work

Initial contact

The first time you inquire about mentoring, share about your goals and targets as much as possible. Include what kind of guidance you might need over the course of the cooperation.

Taking action

You start completing tasks, make progress and achieve success according to your plan. The nature of our cooperation changes so that you will be kept focused and accounted for your efforts.

The start

If you are chosen as a mentee candidate, we will schedule a 90 minutes long meeting to get to know each other, agree on terms, the means and frequency of cooperation. I will answer all your questions before you commit.


At any stage of the process, you can contact your mentor, enabling you to make changes to the plan and adjust it  to your needs.

The plan

The work starts with spending as much time as needed to flesh out the map of your current situation,  strengths and weaknesses. Taking all that to create a plan to your goal, involving commitments, training, schedules etc.

What is next?

Your journey does not end with the completion of your mentoring plan. Those who climb up the mountain need to climb back down to tell their story.  What is your next challenge? 

Illuminated Stairs

Are you ready to make the first step? 

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