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Software consulting

Software is complex. Over the years the profession has grown out the dimly lit basements, and has become one of the biggest industries in the world. Creating software is  about people as much as technology. It is important to maintain this balance between a healthy team and the will to appeal to your customers.

Software will always be complex, your solutions however...

How can this help you?

Software consultancy assists in setting software development goals and crafting effective strategies. This involves assessing risks, ensuring quality, and managing changes. Many clients feel uncertain when issues keep arising without exact cause. In these cases, a root cause analysis can bring clarity and confidence to assess these situations. 

Consultancy services offer flexibility. For gaining insights or exploring new perspectives, short sessions suffice. However sometimes the complexity of requirements feels like a labyrinth you need to find your way to out. That's when planning and commitment becomes necessity.

Focused on using the best methods to help you get to your goals. 

Length of cooperation varies depending on needs: A session may last as briefly as an hour, while long-term cooperation could extend for a year or even longer. 

Creating software, analyse requirements and solutions, leadership and management, supporting multiple phases of the development lifecycle.

Available in English and Hungarian languages,

(Budapest, Online)

How does it work

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